4 Foundational Nutrition Habits for Fat Loss, Stress Reduction, & Increased Energy

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

With over 20+ combined years of experimenting with many diets, researching human physiology, nutritional protocols, & methods, we want to share 4 nutritional habits that we have seen the most results with for sustainable long term health. Experiencing fad diets from vegan, vegetarian, keto/carnivore, AIP, paleo, fruitarian, blood-type, to fasting 1-5 days with no food, intermittent fasting, 1-meal/day, 2 meals/day, and improper sourcing of foods, all gave us the knowledge to understand what mistakes we were making. With some simple tools, a little developed awareness and a desire to stop the madness of trendy diets and symptom chasing, you can CREATE a nutritional foundation that supports you at your deepest level.

If you have read our previous blog post, you will understand how we focus on habits that create an anti-stress, while avoiding/mitigating habits that cause a physiological stress response. For many years we were not aware of specific nutritional habits we were doing (that we thought were healthy), was actually doing more harm than benefiting. Most individuals we work with go through the same experience and those who achieve the most results are willing to drop their prior belief system. When you put in the work to truly educate yourself and never think you know everything, that is a major perspective to gaining the knowledge you never would have imagined before.

As a human, we need to eat every day to maintain sufficient energy production, which is important for every process (digestion, sleep, mood, energy, fat loss, detoxification, etc). First, let’s discuss 4 nutritional habits you are most likely doing that will exacerbate the stress response, further leading down a path of imbalance, metabolic dysfunction, and disease. If you want more information on the specifics, click on the videos/articles attached to each habit.


Intermittent Fasting/Low-Carb Diets/Skipping Meals

Restricting sugar and fasting slows the metabolic rate under the influence of free amino acids liberating in our blood. Turns the thyroid hormone off and the body has to go through gluconeogenesis, which is converting muscle into sugar for the body. This is a very inflammatory process that the body goes through to produce sugar for the brain. Turns off the liver’s ability to detoxify anything!

Resources: Video #1, Video #2, Video #3, Video #4

Eating Excessive Polyunsaturated Fats (PUFA), Nuts, Seeds, Legumes, & Soy

A person deficient in unsaturated (omega-3/6) has a: larger brain, increased immune function, less inflammation, increased cellular respiration, and regeneration, increased metabolic rate, increased thyroid function, more balanced estrogen, and less endotoxin. We only need 1g of PUFA through the mouth, and we have been eating 5, 10, 20, sometimes even 50g or more of PUFA/daily!

Blocks the secretion of thyroid hormone from the thyroid gland. Damage the beta cells in the pancreas, leading to diabetes and insulin resistance. It causes permeability in the cell and stimulates division. Blocks sugar from getting into the cell. Resources: Unsaturated Fats - Article, Video #1

Lack of bioavailable (strong) protein and too much chicken, fish, pork

It is difficult for our body to absorb proteins from nuts, seeds, legumes, and soy because they contain many anti-nutrients and enzyme inhibitors not allowing our bodies to utilize it like strong proteins (grass-fed red meat, wild-caught shellfish, pasture-raised eggs, bone broth/gelatin, grass-fed dairy). Chicken, fatty fish, and pork contain more PUFA then these foods above because they don't have the ability to detoxify it like a ruminant animal does and contain inflammatory amino acids like tryptophan, cystine, and methionine.

Eating Out too Much & Fortified Foods (Oatmeal, Grains, Bagels, Cereals)

Contain an abundance of unsaturated fat and iron. Excess iron in the tissues is linked to over 100+ autoimmune diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes, Lyme Disease, anxiety, depression, IBS, etc. Look into the work of Nancy Andrews, Rebecca King, and Marianne Wessling-Resnic. Resources: Video #1, Iron Article

All of these habits inherently create the same stress response in the body as if you were getting chased by a lion, have a death in the family, or got in a car accident. Ourselves and most of you have probably grown up eating many of the food/habits listed above. Over time as we accumulate more stress in our lives, these habits continue to bring the body out of a healing state and symptoms begin to arise from A-Z (whether it’s related to the gut, sleep, energy, mood, fat loss, detoxification, etc).


Eating within 30 minutes of waking up: Stabilizes your blood sugar, not allowing the stress response to happen through the HPA axis after a night of sleeping with no food. Gives your liver fuel to continue detoxifying estrogen and PUFA out of the body, and the other 500+ functions the liver is designed to do.

Eating Protein and Carbohydrate w/ every meal & snacks: When we balance a meal with carbohydrates and proteins this stabilizes our blood sugar and avoids a reaction of the HPA axis. If we eat a carb by itself, our blood sugar will elevate, and it will do the opposite if we eat a protein by itself.

Minimum 70g protein/daily - females, 100g protein/daily - Males: Focusing on protein coming from animals with two eyes is going to be most bioavailable. Foods such as grass-fed dairy (cheese, milk, cottage cheese, yogurt), bone broth, gelatin, pasture-raised eggs, wild-caught shellfish, and red meat should be top priorities.

Eat Saturated Fats, Avoid PUFA/HUFA: Saturated fat creates an anti-stress response in the body. Focus on butter, ghee, coconut oil, duck fat, tallow, eggs, red meat, cheese, and you will set yourself up for success.

Resources: Saturated Fat

We recommend nailing down these anti-stressful nutritional habits as consistently as possible. By doing so, you will begin to build a solid foundation of health to work from. You are going to support your metabolism, allowing for more energy production to do the many different functions needed throughout the day to keep up with the stress present in your life.

Download our free anti-stress starter guide where we teach and educate you on the basics of rebuilding a foundation to health while mitigating many unknown stressors that could be present in your current lifestyle. Follow us on Instagram: Mitigate Stress and Colonna_Fitness, Youtube: Mitigatestress.com & Mitigate Stress 2.0 where we are constantly providing more in-depth content.

If you have seen the value in this article or wish to unlock your body’s potential, schedule a phone consultation on the front page of our website. At the very least, share this article and our mission with anyone in your close circle that can benefit from becoming the best versions of themselves.

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