4 Ways To Mitigate Stress

Think of your body similar to your bank account. Anytime you withdraw money equals the depletion of energy storages within the body (i.e. knowingly or unknowingly partaking in a stress-causing habit). Depositing money into your bank account would be similar to implementing an anti-stressful habit, such as trigger pointing, improving posture, blocking artificial light at night, eating metabolic foods, & proper sleep.

Our definition of “health” would simply be to focus on depositing more money into the bank than withdrawing. When we look at the body bioenergetically, every process needs energy (i.e. money surplus, not bankruptcy). This includes sleep, hormones, energy levels, digestion, skin repair, muscle recovery/building, mood, focus, etc. Now just because you may be at an energy surplus in your life now, does not mean you have made up for the 20, 30, 40+ years of being bankrupt (energy depleted).

When we look at any disease, symptom or illness you will find a deficiency in energy and an elevation of stress hormones. If we can continue understanding what habits are pushing our body into a stressed state and what are doing the opposite, we can begin to solve problems down to the root cause.

Below we are going to cover 4 major foundational anti stress habits (giving your body energy & pulling it out of a stressed state). We will have separate blogs attached that go more in detail for each one. All of these anti-stressful habits and lifestyle changes are covered in our anti-stress starter guide and foundational fitness program. If we do not start with a proper foundation, we will continue chasing whatever symptoms we’re dealing with, end up frustrated, and never see sustainable results.

1. Trigger Pointing

For those who haven’t heard of trigger pointing (also known as myofascial release), is one of the best ways to eliminate the physical stress imprinted on your body. Our muscles and fascia hold onto stress that we have accumulated throughout our entire life. If you have ever gotten a deep tissue massage, I am sure you know that painful feeling. That pain that you feel, yes...is stress, and if it is not removed, will continue to push your body into that chronically stressed state (withdrawal money from the bank). Stretching, dry needling, chiropractic adjustments, pilates, yoga, crossfit, will not get to the root of these trigger points.

If you have not downloaded our anti-stress starter guide yet, we cover detailed videos on how to, tools you need, and 7 days of guided instructional videos. When you trigger point, you are squeezing a sponge dry, wringing out all the crud and calcification. When you let go of that sponge in water, it soaks up everything and gets rehydrated. Same thing happens after you trigger point, you are removing the blockage so that new blood, nutrients, and oxygen can get to those areas in your body that before were not. You can be drinking all the clean water, taking supplements, and eating great food, but if you do not remove this stress, you are limiting your potential.

Trigger pointing blog & video

Posture blog post

2. Quality Drinking/Bathing Water

One of the most overlooked things we see individuals neglecting is the quality of water they drink. No matter where you are in the world we have all grown up with acid rain, chemicals, and heavy metals in our environment. This comes from burning of fossil fuels, nitric and sulfuric acid, all the way from the industrial revolution, WWII, and even the “greener” solar and wind power.

Tap water, bottled, alkaline, spring, brita, will not filter out many of the harsh chemicals and acids leached into the water. When you drink these cancer causing substances, you are pulling money out of your bank (depleting your body of energy). These inorganic minerals and acids are very corrosive and eat away at your tissue, bones, and organs. You may be thinking you are doing yourself a good thing by drinking water, but unknowingly adding more stress to your already stressed body.

In the United States, water regulations have not changed in 20 years, some 40, and over 1,000 chemicals are added into our environment each year. Simply filling a 5-gallon BPA free jug at a health food store (preferably reverse osmosis) is your next best option if you cannot invest in your own. We have two different water filtrations, as well as shower filters on the tools section of our website that we support with 3rd party lab testing for each one.

Full blog on water quality here

3. Blocking Artificial Light

This fake blue light which stems from computers, LEDs, fluorescents, phones, & tablets is an environmental stress throwing our body into a stressed state. Not only does it do that, but it tells our physiology that it is 1:00pm all hours of the day. If you are around these lights at 06:00 or 21:00, you are creating imbalances in your circadian rhythm and hormones. This stress may not affect you now, but the mere ongoing month after month, year after year exposure will slowly destroy your metabolism, thyroid function, and immune system.

Starting to adapt and use specific tools to help mitigate and eliminate artificial light should be a high priority if you care about your health. Downloading a software called iristech.co is great for computers, laptops, and tablets, allowing you to manipulate the screen color. Switching your light bulbs to incandescent and red lights is a great option as well. We also recommend using blue blocking glasses (Nathan to save 10%) if you are indoors most of the day and using an amber/red colored lens for 1-2 hours before bed.

Full artificial light blog

4. Get in Nature More!

Most of us are living in a densely populated area that is completely detached from reality. Being around non-native electromagnetic fields from cell towers, wifi routers, cell phones, etc is another environmental stress we are unaware of because it is something we cannot see visually. If we were to put auditory cues to these frequencies it would sound like chaos or a car alarm going off 24/7. Your cells are not tuned to this unnatural frequency and cause our biology to go into a fight or flight state.

Removing yourself from this unnatural environment and heading out to nature is an amazing way to add money into your bank (give your body energy), and at the same time it is free! Going for a hike, even for a drive away from the city, is highly recommended in our programs. It may seem like a simple task, but is also so easy not to do and stay in your comfort zone. We like using a website called hikingupward.com to locate fun trails around our area to hike and camp.

Full blog on non-native electromagnetic frequencies

You can read anything you want on the internet, finding the good and bad things for any aspect of health. What will actually make the difference is if you apply what you have learned and experiment for yourself. That is what worked best for us and sometimes we had to make many mistakes before learning what truly is right and wrong for us. That is the main purpose of our blog and website is to educate others on the mistakes we made so you don't have to.

Download our free anti-stress starter guide where we teach and educate more in depth on the basics of rebuilding a foundation to health, while mitigating many unknown stressors that could be present in your current lifestyle. Follow us on Instagram: Mitigate Stress and Mitigatestress2.0, Youtube: Mitigatestress.com & Mitigate Stress 2.0 where we constantly provide more in-depth content for visual learners.

If you have seen value in this article, schedule a FREE stress consultation on the front page of our website or donate down below. At the very least, share this article and our mission with anyone in your close circle that can benefit from becoming the best versions of themselves.

God Bless,

Nick & Nathan

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