How To Fix Shoulder Pain | Shoulder Mobility Series 1

Shoulder pain can be real issue to have. Always remember to work on your lower body first as your foundation is more important (most upper body issues stem from the lower body). What you will need: 1. Lacrosse Ball 2. Soft Ball 3. (Optional) Foam Roller Guidelines: 1. Hold each trigger point for 2-5 minutes at a time, increasing intensity every 30s or so. 2. Scan for those deep, dull, or achey tender spots that resonate throughout the pain spots. 3. Breathe and release, we hold emotional trauma in our physical body, it's important to release this both physically and emotionally, so breathe, relax, and let it go. 4. #1 PEC MINOR #2 TRAPS #3 QL #4 UPPER ABS #5 HIPFLEXORS #6 ROTATOR CUFF #7 LATS

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