Fix Bad Posture - Upper Body Mobility

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Bad Posture generally stems from the front side of the body; tight pecs, abs, serratus & etc.

- Rounded Shoulders

- Rounded Back/Thoracic Spine

- Curved/Twisted Spine

All of these dysfunctions cause a great amount of stress on our body and life. So let's take 20 minutes out of our day to crush these dysfunctions and regain our sanity!


1. Scan for Trigger Points/Dull Achey Tender Spots

2. Hold Each Trigger Point for 2-5 Minutes (or longer if necessary)

3. Relax, Release & Repeat 3-7x Per Week


1. Softball - CLICK HERE

2. Lacrosse Ball(s) - CLICK HERE

3. Foam Roller - CLICK HERE

4. Guasha - CLICK HERE

Recommended Supplements (Mega dose Magnesium)

1. Magnesium Chloride Spray (External) - CLICK HERE

2. Magnesium (Internal) - CLICK HERE

1. Upper Abs

2. Side Obliques

3. Serratus Anterior

4. Lats

5. Pec Minor/Pecs

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