What are Age Spots? Why Vitamin E is Essential in Today's World

At Mitigate Stress our focus is attacking the visible and invisible stressors in today's world. We do this through movement, trigger-point, anti-stress nutrition & lifestyle changes as well as proper supplementation.

Vitamin E plays within our top 3 recommended supplements. Be careful when supplementing. Nick has personally spent thousands of dollars well over a decade. There is a right way to supplement and a wrong way (we recommend downloading our free trigger-point guide, we put a supplementation guide on there as well).

At first it was symptom based supplementation, which lead to toxicity and imbalancing minerals, vitamins, gut issues, nervous system damage and many other factors/consequences not taken into account when considering supplementation. Now both Nathan & Nick focus on modern day deficiencies created by physiologically incompatible lifestyle, "diet", environmental and even spiritual choices.

It's Not A One Stop Solution...

Vitamin E may be the antidote to many issues, but you cannot just take Vitamin E (or any pill for that matter) and call it a day. This is why we recommend our Foundational Fitness Training Program, which an easy to read guide designed to take you from low levels of health to optimal levels of health. There is an epidemic of toxicity overload, malnutrition and faulty science present in today's world leading to a huge increase in diabetes, heart attacks, alzheimers, severe hormonal imbalances and many other "dis-eases". Unfortunately as Ray Peat has stated, Science is about prestige, money and power. It's a business controlled by the pharmaceutical industry and special interest groups that have simply neglected and covered up old age remedies that are not only affordable, but effective. (such as Vitamin E).

Stress Sources:

  1. Physical Stressors

  2. Chemical Stressors

  3. Emotional Stressors

  4. Spiritual Stressors (Moral Choices & Moral Values)

We also have many sub categories, this is just a way we simplify our focus on Stress. I recommend checking out the CLF protocol by Matt Blackburn, it's a very simple guide to eliminate calcification, lipofuscin & fibrosis. We also focus on Ray Peat principles (Check out Ray's Article on Vitamin E), functional patterns and several other results-based modalities.


Let's talk about Lipofuscin. How can we see it? Matt states that on the skin it will appear as freckle-looking spots as well as age spots/ceroid pigments. He says for every visibly seen spot on the skin there are "up to 100,000 present below the tissue". This is lipofuscin poisoning. Lipofuscin is a result of both iron overload and PUFA overload. Ultra Violet exposure will accelerate and this process (and aluminum), hence why you find most age spots on the primary sun-exposed areas on your body. This single reason alone is why Vitamin E should be consumed at high doses daily. We recommend consuming a non-soy, sunflower derived Vitamin E with a MCT Oil base (Stable under heat).

Vitamin E (One of the Solutions/Keys towards Optimal Health)

We find Vitamin E to be one of the main solutions/keys to unlocking optimal health. You will see and feel the benefits of Vitamin E when consumed at an adequate dosage daily. It is essential to supplement with because it is virtually impossible to acquire the dosage we need as humans in this modern world. We will discuss this further below.

Matt states here, Polyunsaturated fats, especially HIGHLY unsaturated fats (omega-3), increase the requirement for Vitamin E by six times.

This Vitamin was first discovered in 1922 by H.M. Evans and K.S. Bishop. It is the most crucial yet most difficult of the fatty soluble vitamins to acquire (ADEK).

Vitamin E is built into all foods that contain PUFAs. It is found in grass-fed beef, nuts, seeds, fish, shellfish and some grains. Unfortunately Vitamin E is heat sensitive, therefore most people consuming nuts, seeds and grains not only consume anti-nutrients, but receive inadequate amounts of Vitamin E. Foods such as; nuts, seeds and grains can cause a great deal of stress on the body forming systemic inflammation and endotoxin overload (gas, gastric distress, organ degradation and etc.)

Dr. Shute pioneered high dose Vitamin E consumption. He has shown it to be very safe while recommending doses upwards of 3,000 IU/mg per day. In-fact he has helped over 20,000 of his patients with conditions such as heart disease, infertility, eye conditions and mental retardation (all which are caused by PUFA's). Vitamin E does this by speeding up the conversion of linoleic acid into saturated fat.

Many dermatologists used to recommend consuming adequate doses of Vitamin E (Especially before going outside in the Sun) to prevent against ultraviolet light damage which will increase lipid peroxidation when PUFA's are present. Vitamin E has also shown to be anti-estrogenic and protective against the harmful effects of calcium and iron overload.

Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin. Its main function protects the body from lipid peroxidiation, which is when omega 3's oxidize under blood temperature. We recommend below to consume more saturated fat than unsaturated fats. This will help replace the unsaturated fat stored in your tissue. Especially if you've ever eaten vegetable oils and supplemented with omega 3, 6 & 9's. Even the numbers are a bit, evil... Avoid all omega supplementation especially algae oils, fish oils, fatty fish (opt for white fish) and more listed below. Choline helps the liver to remove the toxic by products formed when we consume omega 3 supplementation such as acrolein, aldehydes & etc.

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Eliminate PUFA, HUFA's Omega 3's & More.

I recommend diving into Ray Peat's work and checking out Matt Blackburn's website as well. They go into great detail on WHY these fats are not actually essential (yes they are non-essential).

Eliminate PUFA's & Consume More Well Sourced Saturated Fat

  • Vegetable Oils: such as Canola, Safflower, Corn Oil, Flaxseed Oil & any Nut & Seed Oil. Instead we would recommend consuming more Raw Grass-Fed Butter, Ghee, Coconut Oil, MCT Oil, Pastured Egg Yolks and sparingly with both avocado and olive oils (more so mono-unsaturated fat - keep unheated). We still recommend keeping the total fat consumption around 20-30% of total calories. Replacing PUFA's with grass-fed Saturated fat should be your main-focus.

  • Nuts, Seeds, Legumes, Nut Butters, Corn are also stress causing foods ladened with anti-nutrients such as phytates, oxylates, enzyme inhibitors as well as PUFA's.

  • There are more sources of PUFA's, always check your labels as PUFA's are becoming the standard choice among many pre-packaged foods, frozen foods, whole foods restaurants, and even supplements.

"Be Sober, Be Vigilant, because your adversary, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour." - Peter 1:5-8, KJV


Certain things like endotoxin (Lipopolysaccharide, LPS), which is formed under common instestinal bacteria which creates a molecule that contains both fatty acids and amino acids, increases the rate of iron oxidation by up to 23 times. Oxidized iron quickly binds with PUFA to create lipofuscin, which is accelerated through stress. I recommend spore-based probiotics for this and daily shredded carrot salads.

Ray Peat PhD: Stress and shock tend to increase our absorption of bacterial endotoxin from the intestine, and endotoxin causes the release of serotonin from platelets in the blood. Serotonin, an important mediator of stress, shock, and inflammation, is a vasoconstrictor that impairs circulation in a great variety of circumstances. Stress impairs metabolism, and serotonin suppresses mitochondrial energy production.

In Summary,

We have seen how harmful not only PUFA's are, but also in-organic Iron overload (See our post on iron here), Aluminum, Excessive Ultraviolet Light Exposure and Endotoxin overload.

"Anything that inhibits oxygen from getting to the cell causes tissue damage aka scarring.

Calcification and lipofuscin directly cause tissue damage by shutting down electron chain transport (ECT) and cellular respiration. The cells choke and cannot breathe. This results in a build-up of lactic acid instead of pyruvic acid which is the hallmark of stress and cancer. Calcification and lipofuscin choke the cells, decreasing energy production, creating fibrosis, which further chokes the cells and decreases energy production. Its a vicious circle!"

- Matt Blackburn

  • Eliminate PUFA's, HUFAS (Highly Unsaturated Fats, Limit MUFA's (Mono-unsaturated fats) (Listed Above)

  • Eliminate Aluminum (Avoid Tap Water, Aluminum Foil, Cans, Bottles & etc.)

  • Eliminate Iron (Blood Donations, Avoid Fortified Foods, Additives & Iron Supplements)

  • Eliminate Endotoxin

  • Systemic Enzymes (Conscious Lift = Discount) 3-6 Pills Daily in the A.M. before food.

  • Organic Coconut Activated Charcoal Powder - 1-6 Tablespoons 1-3x (2) Per Week.

  • Spore Based Probiotics. or MitoLife Spore Based Probiotic (ConsciousLift = 15% Off)

  • Daily Shredded Carrot Salads: 1-3 Carrots, 1-2 Tbsp. of Coconut Oil, Sea Salt & Black Pepper.

  • We also recommend aromatase inhibitors for estrogen reduction. (Fresh Orange Juice is a great source, DIM is optional).

  • Avoid being out in the sun too much until you have eradicated excess amounts of Pufa's (takes roughly 2-4+ years or more depending on the amount you have consumed your entire life) I would recommend consuming Vitamin E for the rest of your life especially before you go out in the sun.

  • Try the Buteyko Breathing Method Daily (Controlled Breathing to increase Oxygen Delivery) Box Breathing works fairly well too.

  • Utilizing Red Light Therapy (20-50 Minutes Daily) to offset oxidative stress from ultraviolet light as it protects from the damaging effects of lipofuscin and yields many other health benefits. I recommend purchasing the Gembared (ConsciousLift = 10% Off)

  • Be Sure to Consume Copious Amounts (4-8 400 IU Pills) of Vitamin E (with a meal, remember - fatty soluble) once again, especially before going out in the sun.

  • Vitamin E - MitoLife (ConsciousLift = 15% Off)

  • Vitamin E - Amazon - Healthy Origins Sunflower Vitamin E-400 IU, 120 Softgels

  • Consume Adequate Amounts of Magnesium Bicarbonate & Magnesium Chloride (We recommend 500-1000mg daily with a dash of sea salt as well as bio-available calcium rich foods and enough potassium).

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