What Is Functional Fitness?

Greetings Fellow Fitness Enthusiasts,

My name is Nicky and I've been in the health & fitness industry for over 7 years. I specialize in postural correction, functional body-building, holistic health & nutrition.

So What is Functional Fitness?

Well, after many years of training thousands of clients with dozens of success stories, transformations and realizations. I have come to understand that traditional training methods & modalities are less effective in achieving true health & wellness.

You see, fitness should encompass Health and Fitness, as a whole.

A proper training program will always incorporate mobility (posture), functional fitness (practical movements), as well as holistic health & nutrition. A program that works by helping your body rather than compromising your health. Hence, why I use the term, "Don't Just Look Good, Feel Good Too!"

Going through the fitness industry I labeled myself as a "power-bodybuilder". I performed the basic "foundational" lifts, (which I truly have nothing against) ate 4-6 times a day, high doses of protein and a side order synthetic supplements, which ultimately lead to adrenal fatigue, kidney weakness several ridiculous injuries (which I rehabbed several times).

Despite having proper technique, recovery and a mobility regimen I was still important aspects of fitness. As my health & fitness journey began to slowly decline, I then reached a complete halt after having two hernias and a pulled hamstring. That wasn't just it, the injuries didn't really phase me. The adrenal fatigue, kidney inflammation, lower back spasms and other various health problems (which I was told is normal) is what ultimately lead me to believe that maybe health & fitness is not all what it seems.

You see, our body responds positively only when given certain stimuli and habits designed by nature.

Whether that be our posture, our movement or our nutrition, it's all part of a certain set of laws that nature has created for us and if we do not abide by these laws, we experience dis-ease. Either we move forward, or we create imbalances, inflammation, which inevitably lead to problems down the road.

As humans, we are bio mechanically designed to walk, run, throw, climb and other various dynamic/natural movements.

When we begin to overload the spine, ribs and joints in an unnatural way while limiting ourselves in a single plan of motions (saggital), we begin to pull ourselves away from true health & fitness. In order to achieve Functional Fitness we must incorporate (but are not limited to) these natural, foundational movements one way or another.

Proper core, posture, breathing and mobility training is a start. Then adding unilateral & functional movements in after we have not only unlocked, but relearned the language of our body in terms of movement, feeling & being. If we are not addressing the issues at hand and just jumping into a full fledged athletic program, then we are setting ourselves up for failure. No matter how "amazing" the program is, it will not work long term in the benefit of your overall being.

The key is balance.

We must begin to focus on the imbalances by becoming aware of our bodies, and understanding that these pains, kinks, injuries and chronic inflammatory issues which you may be experiencing (even to the slightest) are not normal. It's clearly your body trying to communicate with you and let you know, "Hey Jackass, whatever you are doing, is not working... Help!"

So I challenge you to observe your body on a day to day basis. Become clear with how your body feels. Meditate if you have to. Spend some time with yourself, first and foremost practice mobility on a daily basis. 20, 15 even 10 minutes is better than nothing.

To get started on mobility...

Check out my training section or click the "Posture Guide" button at the top. I am always here to help and my goal is to spread the word of true health and functional fitness.

Yours in True Health & Fitness,

Nicky Lamanna



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