What Our Clients Are Saying

"Since I've been working with Nathan, I have noticed my ability to recover and handle stressful encounters has greatly improved. Certain Stressors would distract me, keep me fatigued, disrupt my sleep. It also kept me constantly in my head racing with thoughts. Not only has my Posture improved, but also my performance, energy, and virtually experience no pain anymore with optimal movement. My ability to maintain weight without excessive exercise and crash diets both being unrealistic and not sustainable."

Varun S. 

"I finally broke my plateau. I received a pan commensurate to my body type and physiological needs. Nick made it very clear that lowering stress and increasing your metabolic rate should be the number one focal point for not only fat loss, but for optimal health and vitality as well. I started progressing the first week I began training with Nick!

Sam P.

"I came to Nick as a weak, underfed creature of a person. My goal was to get stronger and extend my lifespan, and as a result I’ve emerged four months later as a stronger, well-fed creature with some tangible muscle mass. Nick constantly adjusts and improves my program based on my strengths and weaknesses, and has a mobility exercise up his sleeve for every ache and pain I’ve ever experienced. I now feel comfortable on my own at the gym thanks to the solid foundation that he has created for me. I recommend Nick wholeheartedly for his professional attitude, constant encouragement and extensive knowledge."

Sarah Dobson

"I invested training under Nathan and can testify for sure that he is just an amazing fitness trainer. Before I met Nathan, I struggled for years, switching trainers and gyms but saw no tangible results until I got trained by Nathan. Few key things I like about him are he understands your needs/goals and builds training and diet program around that, a training regime that sustainable and aligned to your needs/goals. Also, he is so passionate to see you achieve your fitness goals that he makes sure that you not only follow the training regime but also ensures that you are on track with regards to your diet program. Last but not the least, he is very friendly, approachable and understandable. I would definitely recommend Nathan as your personal fitness trainer."

Chetan Mehta

"Some people say fitness is about looking good, others say it may be about losing weight, but frankly fitness is about falling in love with oneself. It's about uplifting oneself and embarking on a life-long journey of inner peace and contentment, as well as unleashing boundless strengths of energy and positivity in life. Approximately 2 years back, I embarked on a similar journey and have never looked back. Nathan inspired me, as a mentor and guide in this transformation journey, there's no looking back as I look forward to this experience every day!

Rina J.

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